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The Mafmar's Vision (Director)

Welcome to English teachers and language educators,

At the beginning of August 2021, the English inspectorate site moved to its new home on the education portal. Here we offer materials and information needed for both novice and experienced English teachers. You will find this site more accessible and user-friendly as we continue to adapt to hybrid teaching and innovations that benefit students as language users. 

This pedagogical resource offers useful materials, such as the recorded lessons on various topics, suitable for ongoing teaching at all levels and preparation for matriculation exams. Additionally, it will continue to offer updated information and learning materials for the various programs promoting the different language skills.

The coming years will continue to be marked by the integration of digital tools in English teaching. Students and teachers are invited to adopt the teaching units and digital courses that nurture independent study through hybrid learning while setting them on the path to better achievements and excellence in their English studies.

At the same time English teachers are invited to participate in professional development frameworks and learning communities (PLCs) at all levels to enhance the teaching of language skills.

As English teachers, we have a deep understanding of the magnitude of the task we have taken upon ourselves. We have the opportunity to offer our students the tools to go out into a world where English is needed for advancing in the occupational, educational, public and private arenas.

One final word: Without a doubt, we have been blessed with dedicated and professional English teachers and with a team of resourceful and committed district inspectors and counsellors. Together we will continue to instill a love of learning the English language among our students.

Together we will cultivate the linguistic knowledge and promote the skills and use of English as a central task in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Tziona Levi
Chief inspector, English Language Education

What's New

  • 24 July: Bulletin of the Chief Inspector of English 2022 (posted July 2022)

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Teaching English in Israel

English is without question a global language, used in international trade and tourism, in academia and research, and in the electronic media. Therefore, professional English teachers are in high demand in Israel and the Ministry of Education is interested in encouraging new immigrants to teach English. The purpose of this document is to provide you with information regarding how to become an English teacher in Israel. For additional information, please contact the Chief Inspector for English Language Education, Dr. Tziona Levi.

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